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Sophia and the Fox
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All of our designs are heat pressed with premium Pro Flocked Vinyl to give a quality long lasting print. The print colour will vary depending on tshirt colour.

Please note that some khaki tshirt are now a mixed blend fabric and not 100% cotton.

Due to suppliers changing, khaki 1-2yrs are now 18-24m and 2-3yrs are now 24-36m.

All other sizes remain the same. 

Please take care of your items.

These items have had the perfect product testers, from drool, food, dirt and playground play.  When washing, please wash on a low heat and do not tumble dry. We also suggest ironing inside out - slight shrinkage may occur. If cracking of the print occurs, this may be due to it being washed in hot water, tumble dried, or an agitator in your washing machine.

Please do not tumble dry or dry directly on a radiator